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Crop ET Data

Daily evapotranspiration values have been calculated for a variety of crops grown in southern Alberta.  Climate data recorded from our IMCIN stations are used in the calculations.  Reference evapotranspiration was calculated using the Penman Montieth procedure as outlined in Food and Agricultural Organization document, FAO 56.

Seasonal ET, Precipitation, and Deficit values in millimetres, are summarized for years 2002 to 2018 or starting from the year of the IMCIN station installation.

Daily ET values are available for alfalfa, grass, wheat, barley, barley silage, canola, potato, sugar beet, dry bean, and silage corn crops.  An alfalfa reference ET is also included.

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For more information regarding this data, contact:

Ted Harms, Soil and Water Specialist
Irrigation Management Branch
Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
Brooks, AB